K E V I N   M C  C A R T H Y

Kevin Mc Carthy was born in White Plains, N.Y. in 1955, shortly before his family moved to Westport, CT.. With his father, a successful illustrator, and later a famous western artist; Kevin grew up around the world of art, but without the pressure to be an art protege. Here, with the run of his father's studio, was born his interest in art.

Kevin first took art classes at Staples High School, where a liberal education allowed him an opportunity to build a solid artistic background. He went on a family trip to Italy, and it was there through the works of Michelangelo and other Renaissance artists' fountains and monuments that his lifelong interest in sculpting formed. Later in life, he worked in Forest Fenn's foundry where he learned about wax modeling, casting, and patinaing.

As a result, he renewed his studies at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ. and the Wooster Art Center in Danbury, CT. Here he learned the painstaking process of sculpting accurate anatomy, something that is obvious in his highly detailed work. His emphasis on the Native American has produced some impressive works depicting the warrior in a variety of situations. Kevin's action sculpture compliments the paintings of his father, and it is not uncommon to see the two working together on an art concept.

The Avenger


(edition of 30)

36"h x 26"w x 15"d




(edition of 30)

66"h x 18"w x 16"d


The Unvanquished


(edition of 50)

22"h x 15"w x 13"d

Before The Battle


(edition of 30)

22"h x 21"w x 13"d

Tracking the Enemy


(edition of 20)

28"h x 25"w x 13"d

Pony Express

Painted Bronze 

(edition of 20)

16.5" x 17"w x 6"d


Additional work by Kevin McCarthy.

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